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Current Students

Syndrome project

Ashlynn Avendano (UCSC ’16, 2015-)

Kyle Gern (UCSC ’17, 2016-)

Gina Gwiazda (Pacific Collegiate School ’18, 2015-)

Ferryn Spence (Pacific Collegiate School ’18, 2015-)

Ferryn Spence is a sophomore in high school who started working on this experiment at the very end of summer. She has been enjoying learning about the Syndrome Project and is excited to continue helping and being taught new information about it. When she is not at school or hanging out in the greenhouse, she enjoys dancing, art, and working with animals. She is very interested in pursing a career in science, and looks forward to spending more time working in labs.

Transgenerational plasticity project

Connor Kunihiro (UCSC ’17, 2015-)

Zoe Scholar (UCSC ’17, 2015-)

Other projects

20150621_114310Steven Herman (Livermore High School ’16, 2014-)

Steven is Julie’s younger brother, but that doesn’t stop them from working on science projects together. Steven is interested in computer programming and has helped network computer clusters for large scale data processing, build Next-Generation sequencing pipeline scripts, and mine data. His primary work has been on gathering a plant kinesin sequence dataset for Julie’s collaboration with Jessica Lucas at Santa Clara University. In his spare time, he likes to read about open source programming and compete in parliamentary debate.

Former students

wpid-2015-08-13-14.44.37.jpg.jpegSayi Boddu (Monta Vista High School ’16, SIP intern 2015)

Sayi (along with Lauren) was one of the inaugural students on the Syndrome Project. He is eager to learn about the world around him. He didn’t plan on learning about plants this summer, and has learned more than he probably ever needed to, but he has loved the experience regardless. In his spare time, he plays varsity football for MVHS. He hopes to eventually become a doctor, possibly in the field of sports medicine.

wpid-2015-08-13-14.45.28.jpg.jpegLauren Jue (Castilleja High School ’17, SIP intern 2015)

Lauren (along with Sayi) was one of the inaugural students on the Syndrome Project. She loved working in both the greenhouse and the lab during the summer and really enjoyed being able to contribute to Julie’s research project.  Despite starting the summer with little experience working in ecology and evolutionary biology, she has learned all about the plant defense syndromes.  Outside school she enjoys dancing competitively and in the future hopes to continue to work in the science field.

Emily Antonino (UC Davis ’19, Summer 2015)

Zachary Chapman (UCSC ’16, 2015)

Steven Chen (UCSC ’16, 2015)

Emma Compton (Pacific Collegiate School ’19, 2015)

Jon Diab (UCSC ’16, 2015)

Linda Lee (UCSC ’15, 2015)

Lauren Lehrer (UCSC ’16, 2015)

Lauren Lehrer is a senior at University of California, Santa Cruz majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She has spent two years working in sustainability on campus, last year as an organizing member of a student-led non-profit working in education and now the pioneering intern for a green roof feasibility project on a UCSC campus building. Working with plants has always been something Lauren enjoys like her work with Julie in the lab. Lauren loves foreign adventures, writing, and homegrown tomatoes.

Perry Otto (Pacific Collegiate School ’19, 2015)

Perry is a high school freshman who began working with the Syndrome Project at the beginning of August 2015. She is very interested in science, and particularly enjoys learning about plants and the environment. Perry is pleased with the information she has been learning, and really appreciates the opportunity of learning through hands on experience. Outside of the internship and school, Perry is a competitive gymnast, loves helping animals and benefiting the community, in general. Although she doesn’t know the exact field, Perry plans on engaging in a career relating to science and she would like to become involved in other scientific internships like this one.

Laurel Wee (UCSC ’16, Summer 2015)

(c) 2015 Julie Herman

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