Plant Symposium 2017

Anika with her poster

I was incredibly excited to attend the Plant Symposium at UCSC with two of my own mentees. These fantastic young women had the unique opportunity to see what kind of work was going on in the fields of plant ecology, evolution, and conservation, and they also got to present their work as posters to an engaged audience. These kinds of opportunities are critical for undergraduates to understand the workings of the scientific community.

Anika presented on her summer project through the Science Internship Program at UCSC. She looked at whether drought and nutrient limitation altered growth rate and chemical composition of plants that either were undamaged or underwent artificial herbivory treatments. You can find a large version of her poster here.

Rachel with her poster

Rachel presented a methods poster on a proof of concept for creating transgenic lines of Arabidopsis that express different chemical defense phenotypes. If funded, she plans to use this protocol to test hypotheses about ancestral defense phenotypes. You can find a large version of her poster here.


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