Jewelflowers in bloom

I’m trying to concentrate on my studying as much as possible of late, but I couldn’t resist sharing these two beauties that are blooming in my mustard collection.


This first one is Streptanthus albidus sub. albidus. It’s federally endangered and known only from a few occurrences in Santa Clara County. Commonly, it is known as the Metcalf Canyon jewelflower. Much like many plant species, there is a currently a war waging over the proper classification–it also goes by the taxonomic identity Streptanthus glandulosus sub. albidus. It is found on harsh serpentine soils that other plants are unable to exist on.


This second species is Streptanthus insignis, also known as the plumed jewelflower. The top flower, which is showier than the other flowers and often sterile, is where it gets its name. It makes its home primarily on serpentine soils in San Benito county.

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